About Us

Cybox Exhausts are manufactured exclusively in the UK.

We are a privately owned and run Company based in Bromborough, Wirral, and supply a growing product portfolio to an expanding global client base.

Whether it be large scale volume production or a one off concept or prototype, the Cybox R&D and design facility offers unrivalled reaction time and speed of delivery with innovative concepts.


A vital element of everything that Cybox do and something that our customers can see in our products. We’re totally dedicated to providing the very best service possible and maintaining the highest standards of manufacturing excellence.


Cybox are totally committed to providing the ultimate in high-performance automotive exhaust products. Our mission is to advance to a higher level of engineering excellence that will result in us exceeding our customers’ expectations.


Constant research, development & investment in the latest technology for all aspects of exhaust production are a vital aspect of Cybox’s ongoing success.

Quality Guaranteed

Cybox Exhausts are designed & manufactured to uncompromising standards, with raw materials sourced form recognised UK suppliers.

Reasons to buy Cybox

  • We are passionate about cars, performance and most importantly, every single product that carries our name. This is reflected in the quality of our entire range.
  • We only develop exhaust products on the actual vehicle they were intended for. We do not copy other Companies’ products, yet we are regularly flattered when they copy ours.
  • We only use the highest grade materials in construction, which is reflected in the offer of a purchasers’ lifetime warranty.
  • We do not operate a franchised ‘custom build’ network so there is no compromise on quality or accuracy of fit. All products are responsibly designed and manufactured in jigs, and checked by trained, qualified staff.
  • We are constantly looking to improve the product by re-investing in machinery and staff.
  • Despite all of the above, we remain focussed on keeping our prices at realistic levels despite being told they deserve to be higher.