Professional ECU Remapping provided by Cybox and Topgear Tuning

Available for Cars, Vans, Trucks, Agricultural Vehicles and Motorcycles.

Prices from £225.00 inc VAT

** We offer Remap and Exhaust Package Deals with the option of finance – please enquire**  

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What is ECU remapping?

Remapping is, in layman’s terms a process by which we program the ECU (or the brain) of your vehicle to give more power or better fuel efficiency. In the past, in order to do this, it was necessary to solder a ‘chip’ on to the car (hence the term chipping) but advances in technology mean that in most cases we can now do the same job simply by connecting to the car’s On Board Diagnostics port.

When a manufacturer releases a new model of car, they often sell it with a number of different power options. These models usually use the same basic engine with different engine maps. When we remap the car, we are simply removing certain limits and fine tuning various parameters to allow the engine to perform to its maximum potential.

A Performance Remap results in better response from the engine, with increased torque and power of up to 40%. Throttle response will be improved throughout the rev range.

With our Economy Remap, most vehicles can achieve a torque at lower rev range, resulting in fuel savings of up to 15%. During normal driving, fuel economy will tend to be improved – helping to reduce your fuel bills and carbon foot print.

With one of our ECU remaps you can expect gains of up to 40% more power and/or 15% more fuel efficiency.

Why use Cybox to remap your engine?

At Cybox, we have invested heavily in both equipment and training to ensure that we are at the leading edge of ECU remapping. Although there are a number of companies in the UK who perform a similar service there are surprisingly few who actually do the complete job themselves. When you have someone remap your car, many companies will do the reading of the ECU but then use someone else to actually write the file. This means that you will have no idea of who is doing the job of actually programming your car – In some cases, they may not even be located in this country!

We do the complete job in conjunction with our trusted UK Partners, Topgear Tuning, so we can control the quality of the file writing process and crucially make any further adjustments ourselves should they be necessary. Each file we write is specifically tailored to your car to meet your requirements – we never use generic files.
Should you ever wish to remove the remap file from your car, this won’t be a problem. We store the original file in our databank for every car we work on so we are easily able to upload the standard file to revert it back to factory standard. We have a £2 million product liability guarantee so in the rare instance where there is a major problem, we are fully insured to resolve any problems that may have arisen as a result of our work.

How do we remap your car?

Most of our remapping can be performed by connecting our equipment to the On Board Diagnostics port (OBD) on your car. When we do this we use specialist software to select the correct ECU type and take a copy its program. We then adjust various parameters in the program, taking into account the limitations of the engine, to best meet your needs whether they be more power, better fuel efficiency or a ‘blend’ of both. Finally, the improved map is uploaded back to the car via the OBD port and the job is complete.
For cars where the ECU is unable to be read through the OBD port, we may need to remove the ECU completely from the car and do the programming ‘on the bench’. This involves opening the casing of the ECU and connecting our specialist equipment directly to the ECU. All of our remapping specialists are fully trained and insured to perform this complex process. When the file is read and adjusted, the ECU is replaced back into the car and is ready to drive.
The complete process will take anywhere between an hour and a half to five hours depending on the vehicle we are working on. When we have finished the job, we’ll check to ensure you are satisfied before signing the job off as complete.