Q. Why fit a Cybox Exhaust?

A. Cybox exhausts are manufactured using T304 grade stainless steel, smooth-bore mandrel pipe bends and silencer designs that are more efficient than the original equipment. The result – optimised performance, longer service life, enhanced appearance and the all-important sound.

Power Gains

Q. What sort of performance gain can I expect?

A. Every vehicle, whether petrol or diesel, has its own unique characteristics which means some are more responsive to exhaust change than others. It is reasonable to expect 8-10% as a general figure to cover all applications.

Pipe Diameters

Q. What is the implication of Pipe Diameter?

A. In many cases, increasing pipe diameter will assist in optimising an exhaust’s performance. We develop all exhaust with this in mind and increase sizes as appropriate. Bear in mind that going too large can actually detract from an engine’s performance.

Exhaust Sound

Q. I want a sporty exhaust note, but not one that will ‘drone’ at cruising speeds or attract the wrong sort of attention. What sort of sound can I expect with Cybox?

A. Our development process is aimed at finding the perfect balance between a pleasant exhaust note coupled with optimum performance. We DO NOT advocate ridiculously loud exhausts that draw attention for the wrong reasons. We are all enthusiasts with years of experience, and understand the difference between an attractive exhaust note and an irresponsibly built system.

Q. Do you offer a Custom-Build service?

A. Yes, we do, but strictly at our own premises and not via a third party or franchisee. We manufacture everything in-house so have the ability to create the right results rather than having to rely on a limited range of silencer designs and components.

Legal Requirements

Q. Will you remove the Catalytic Converter from my car?

A. Removing the Cat on a post-2003 UK registered car is illegal as it will then fail an MOT emissions check. We offer both standard replacements plus the option of a Hi-Flow sports cat if required.


Q. Will I need to modify my vehicle in order to fit a Cybox Exhaust?

A. Our exhaust products are designed and built as direct replacements for the original systems. In a minority of instances, for example Duplex Systems, there may be slight modification needed to the rear valance however any such changes are always clearly described prior to purchase.

Q. Will I be able to fit a Cybox Exhaust myself?

A. Fitting our systems is very straight forward once a vehicle is lifted, and can usually be done by any reasonably competent DIY mechanic. We would only recommend attempting fitting however if you have the correct environment to work in. Alternatively, you could always obtain a quote from any garage.


Q. What is the length of the guarantee or warranty?

A. We offer a Purchaser’s Lifetime Warranty on stainless steel exhaust products. This applies to defects in material and/or workmanship. Catalytic converters are covered for a period of 2 years or 40,000 miles.

We strongly discourage modifications to our product and any alteration to its standard specification, and whilst we look into each case on an individual basis, this will probably invalidate warranty.